Dr. Mahmoud Hamdoush

Good afternoon to all! I am Mahmoud Hamdoush. I completed postgraduate studies at IHTU under the supervision of prof. P. A. Stuzhin and in 1995 defended my PhD thesis on the topic «Synthesis, study of the structure and properties of Fe-porphyrin µ-dimers». After defending his dissertation, he worked in Syria. In 2014-15, he completed a scientific internship at the Department of Organic Chemistry of IHSTU under the guidance of prof.P. A. Stuzhin and participated in the work on grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Since 2017, he has been a researcher at the Department of Organic Chemistry of IHSTU and conducts research under a grant from the Russian Science Foundation «Porphyrazinoids with a reduced macrocycle-promising materials for organic electronics, catalysis and medicine». I am a co-author of 15 publications